About us.

Facilitating Futures is a lean consultancy with a practice based upon futures thinking (also known as strategic foresight) which provides innovative practices and methodologies for guiding clients towards their preferred future state. Futures tools themselves create a platform for greater collaboration, curiosity and co-creation to enable new, innovative solutions and better ways of doing things.

We help you leverage you and/or your organisations collective expertise and experience to help you uncover blind spots, identify opportunities and pitfalls in a rapidly changing world, cultivate a shared vision and ultimately create a pathway forward into a better, more desirable and ultimately, more sustainable future state. Basically, we thrive on helping you navigate change skilfully. As the pace of change quickens in the world, we help you find the clarity to move forward with confidence. We design bespoke collaborative and creative human centred learning and development programs/workshops/presentations based on your needs and a creative action based learning approach.

The complexities of today call for a different way of thinking, going beyond traditional strategy and organisational change methods. Using the futurists 21st century skillset, strategic foresight, provides a framework to help organisations identify where they would like to head, how they are going to get there and what could happen along the way. Helping clients to move from myopic short term planning to a long term planning approach that takes into consideration changes on the horizon and the unexpeced.

The Team