Willow Pryor, from Facilitating Futures, presented at two of our important event’s in late 2017, and we were thrilled with both the content and the presentation by Willow. As a result of the presentations our team is now cognizant to the rate of accelerated change that is happening around us and our organisation. As a business, we need to be at the forefront of change. Business as usual no longer suffices and as a commitment to our future we have now taken Willow on as our Futurist in Residence for the next 12months to help guide us towards creating an organisation that is fit for the future. We highly recommend Willow.
— Kerrin Benson | CEO MDA Ltd

I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks for speaking at the Global Ideas Forum 2017. Delegates whom attended the conference in our feedback and evaluation survey have spoken very highly of the workshop.
— David Cherian | Global ideas Forum
I sat in our AGM recently and as Willow started talking and I leaned over and said “ I love this already”- I knew that we were going to see something different in our AGM thinking. It was an important conversation and Willow guided us effectively through the mine field of conversational distraction with a gentle firmness to ensure that we had powerful outcomes that we could work with. I can’t recommend Willow enough.
— Lizz Hills / Director/ Wild Mountains Education Trust

Willow has hosted strategy and foresight sessions for our growing organisation and team. These sessions have resulted in some very meaningful outputs with Willow skilfully facilitating and directing the discussion so that there is collaborative and constructive input from all individuals. I highly recommend Willow and Facilitating Futures for any small to medium organisation or department wanting positive organisational outcomes.
— Wendy Tisdell | Founding Director BridgIT Water Foundation

“Willow assisted Multicultural Affairs Queensland with some futures thinking in December, 2016. Willow was very available and accessible prior to the event and worked hard to ensure that she had interpreted our needs correctly. Willow listened and was happy to modify her approach and made herself available post the event to assist us with interpreting outcomes from the day and to identify next steps”.
— Julie McDougall, Multicultural Affairs Queensland (MAQ), Department of Communities

“As a result of our work with Willow we were able to more skilfully navigate a time of change. Willow’s facilitation was very effective in engaging the whole team and creating powerful outcomes. Willow is also a natural communicator and stakeholder manager who effectively opened up several business opportunities for the company in both the MENA region and Asia Pacific. I highly recommend Willow.”
— Peter Nielsen, Operations Director, PMT Water Engineering